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Security Explorer 9.9 - User Guide

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Restarting an agent

Restarting the agent causes a full rescan of the selected managed computer. A full scan occurs with a restart if you have enabled this option on the Agent page in the Properties of the managed computer. See Changing the scan schedule.

Select Tools | Access Explorer Configuration.
Click Configure Access Explorer.
Open the Manage Computers tab.
Click Yes.
A red dot appears next to the managed computer and the status becomes Agent unregistered while the agent is restarted. The status updates automatically, but you also can click Refresh to update the status. When the restart is complete, the status is OK.

Understanding the status of your agent

When an agent is installed and scanning data, the Status column indicates OK and the Data State column indicates Data Available. If there is anything wrong with the agent, the state of the agent becomes unhealthy and the Status column displays text that may help with your troubleshooting.

The following table details the possible entries in the Status field:

Agent Unregistered

Agent has unregistered.

Configuration Failed

An error has occurred while creating the agent on the agent host computer.

Configuration in Progress

Agent is being configured.

Deconfiguration Failed

An error occurred while removing the agent from the agent host computer.

Deconfiguration in Progress

The agent is being removed.


The agent is being deleted.

Deleting and Uninstalling

The agent software is being uninstalled.

Expired Lease

The agent has failed to renew its lease, which is often an indication of an error on the agent computer. Ensure that the agent is capable of communicating with the server.

Incompatible Agent Version

An unsupported agent version has attempted to register with the server.

Install Failed

An error occurred while installing the agent.

Install in Progress

The agent installation is in progress.


The agent is in a good state and not experiencing any problems.

Registration Failed

An error occurred while the agent was attempting to register with the server.


The agent computer has been resolved. This is a temporary state.

Uninstall in Progress

The agent is being uninstalled.


The uninstall has finished. This is a temporary state.


The agent computer has not yet been resolved.

Upgrading Agents

The agents for this host are being upgraded to a newer software version.

Waiting for Agent First Connection

The management server is waiting for the agent to register with the server for the first time.

The following table details the possible entries in the Data State column:

Viewing Access Explorer objects

A scanner error has occurred

A scanner error has occurred with one or more of the agent scanners for this managed computer.

Data Available

Agents deployed to this managed computer have completed their initial scans and returned their data.

Performing an initial scan

Agents deployed to this managed computer report that the scanners have begun their initial scans.

Waiting for scanner status

Agents have been deployed for this managed computer but they have not yet reported their scanner status to the server.

Waiting for scanners to start

Agents for this managed computer have reported back to the server but not all of the scanners have started up.

Access Explorer objects are visible in the All Management Targets and NTFS modules only. In the Navigation pane, expand or select an Access Explorer server to view the objects.


Viewing groups and users

In the Navigation pane, expand a management server to view a list of accounts that have permissions on the managed Access Explorer server, or click an object to display the list in the Objects pane.

If a group or user is not listed, the account has no permissions on the Access Explorer server. You can add a group or user from Security Explorer. See Creating a new group and Creating a new user.

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