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Security Explorer 9.9 - User Guide

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Using cmdlets to remove Access Explorer objects

There are a number of cmdlets that allow you to remove objects, such as service account, domains and managed computers, from Access Explorer.


Removing a managed computer

To remove a managed computer that is no longer required, use the Remove-AEManagedComputer cmdlet. First all agents installed on the computer are removed, and then the computer is removed from Access Explorer. When unregistered, any agent instances associated with the managed computer are removed. If the computer does not have any agent instances, the Security Explorer Access Explorer agent software is removed.

In this example, the computer with the Id 6e1f518f-cc9a-4915-86e5-894f47767556 is removed as a managed computer.

Removing a managed domain

Once domains are no longer required in Access Explorer, they can be removed. Only domains which do not contain any registered managed Computers can be removed. Note that the Forest will not be removed with this cmdlet. Remove the Forest using Configuration Manager | Access Explorer | Configuration | Managed Domains.

In this example, the domain with the Id 422dcede-3314-4d6c-9f8d-27abc65ada72 is removed. The forest is not removed

Removing a service account

The Remove-AEServiceAccount cmdlet removes the specified service account from the list of registered service accounts. To retrieve the ID of the service account, use the Get-AEManagedDomains or Get-AEServiceAccounts cmdlets. Only service accounts that are no longer referenced by managed domains and registered forests can be removed.

In this example, the service account with the Id f0bafac5-46c3-4c52-a28b-6fdf5eb0a3b1 is removed.


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