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Rapid Recovery 6.5 - Release Notes

Rapid Recovery 6.5 Release Notes

Rapid Recovery 6.5 Release Notes

October 2020

These release notes provide information about the Rapid Recovery release, build

Topics include:

About this release

Rapid Recovery software delivers fast backups with verified recovery for your VMs and physical servers, on-premises or remote. Rapid Recovery is software built for IT professionals who need a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use backup, replication, and recovery solution that provides protection for servers and business-critical applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint. Using Rapid Recovery, you can continuously back up and protect all your critical data and applications from a single web-based management console.

Rapid Recovery 6.5 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements for details.

NOTE: For more information about how major, minor, and maintenance releases are differentiated, see Rapid Recovery release designations.

Some features, previously integrated software tools, or platforms are no longer supported. For more information on these items, see Deprecated features.

As a minor release, defect fixes and known issues listed in this document are not cumulative.

For information relevant for any other release, please see the edition of release notes specific to that release on the Quest technical documentation website.

Topics in this section include:

Quest Support policy

Quest Support policy

Full support: For customers with a current maintenance contract, Quest Data Protection Support provides call-in or email support for the current major and minor release, when patched to the latest maintenance release. That release is known as N. Quest also fully supports N - 1. For Rapid Recovery, Quest also provides limited support for N - 2.

Limited support: Quest Data Protection Support may attempt to answer questions on other versions of our products, provided resources are available. However, if you are using an unsupported or discontinued version, no new patches or code fixes will be created for those versions. In such cases, we encourage you to upgrade to a currently supported version of the product.

Product support life cycle: Quest describes its product life cycle (PLC) support policy on its Support website (visit, click Product Life Cycle & Policies, and then expand the topic Product Support Life Cycle Policy). To understand full support, limited support, and discontinued support, consult the detailed policy on the website referenced above.

New features

The following new features have been added to Rapid Recovery in release 6.5, or were not previously documented in earlier releases.

  • Azure Storage repository - Azure specific backup storage that is more cost-efficient than running DVM repositories in the cloud. See Azure Repository
  • Synthetic incrementals - Optimized backups that take less space in repositories compared to full base images. Synthetic incremental backups can be configured to automatically occur when Rapid Recovery cannot find the changed blocks.

    NOTE: Both the Rapid Recovery Core and the Rapid Recovery Agent need to be upgraded to the lasted version to use this feature.

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