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Quadrotech Nova Current - User Guide

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Custom Report Examples

We have got several sample reports which will help you get a feel for what can be done in the Nova Report Center.

License Assigned by Country Heat Map

The heatmap shows a breakdown of all of your main base licenses distributed by country. The color coding helps you identify which license has been assigned to which country the most.

To create this report:

1.Create a new section.

2.Create a title and description, if necessary.

3.For your data source, choose Azure AD Users.

4.Select your organization and organization group, if necessary.

5.For your chart type, select Heatmap.

6.For operator, select Count.

7.For applied to, select License Name.

8.For series name, select License Name.

9.For category, select Country/Region.

10.For a filter group, choose License Name then is not empty.

11.Set your offset and limits.

12.For your drill down fields, select Company, Country/Region, Department and Display Name.

13.Your data should now appear as a heatmap. Click close section.


OneDrive Operations Timeline

Here is an example of a section on a custom report you could create using the Nova Report Center.


You create a section on a report that shows OneDrive operations, color-coded per operation.  Here is how the finished report section looks:



Here are the steps to create this report section:


Here is a video running through these steps.


Office 365 Spam and Malware (30 Days)

Here is an example of a custom report section you could create using the Nova Report Center.

You create an Office 365 Spam and Malware report section that shows the number of spam and malware attempts over the last 30 days. The report section includes a table showing all fields related to the Office 365 Mail Traffic data source. It is sorted in descending order by scan date, and the results are filtered so only the last 30 days display. Here is how the finished report section looks:




Click here to see how to create this report in your Nova Environment.



Here is a video of these steps.

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