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QoreStor 7.1.2 - Command Line Reference Guide

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Storage Group commands

This set of QoreStor CLI commands let you manage the storage groups on a QoreStor, enabling you to perform tasks, such as adding or deleting a storage group, updating a storage group, updating encryption settings, updating compression settings, and setting a passphrase.

Storage Group Command Usage

This topic introduces the storage_group command usage:

  • storage_group --show
  • storage_group --add --name
  • storage_group --update --name
  • storage_group --encryption --name
  • storage_group --delete --name
  • storage_group --setpassphrase --name
  • storage_group --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

storage_group --show [--name <name>] [--verbose]


Displays the current list of storage groups on the QoreStor. If you specify the --name option, you can view details of a specific storage group. The --verbose option displays more details.


storage_group --show [--name <name>] [--verbose]


--name      Display details for a specific Storage group.
--verbose   Display more details


Storage_group Name              : DefaultGroup
Storage_group Compression Type  : Fast
Storage_group Encryption Set    : Off
Storage_group Encryption Mode   : Off
Storage_group Rotate Period     : 0
Storage_group Passphrase set    : No
Storage_group Quota limit       : Unlimited				
Storage_group Created On        : Thu Nov 17 00:40:14 2016 PST
Storage_group Created Bld       : 62141
DefaultGroup's Containers

storage_group --add --name <name> [--compression_mode <fast|best>]


Adds a new storage group to the QoreStor with the name specified by the --name command option.

NOTE: When adding a name, valid values for the name are (a-z, A-Z, 0–9, ‘_’, and ‘_’)

NOTE: Do not change the chunk_type parameter from the default setting unless directed to do so by Quest Support.

You can also set the compression mode for the storage group as fast or best, described as follows:

  • Fast — Results in shorter backup time, but with less space savings.
  • Best — Provides the highest space savings, but with a longer backup time.


storage_group --add --name <name> [--compression_mode <fast|best>][--quota <Quota value in GiB or TiB>]


--name			Name of the storage group. Valid values are [a-z,A-Z,0-9,'-' and '_'] and maximum of 32 characters. 
--compression_mode     Valid values are Fast and Best.
--quota		Quota value in GiB or TiB.


Storage Group "StorageGroup_1" created successfully. 
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