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QoreStor 7.1.2 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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rda --help


Displays the list of RDA-related options that can be used as a reference when using the QoreStor CLI.


rda --help


	rda --show [--config]
		[--file_history] [--name <name>]
		[--active_files] [--name <name>]

	rda --update --opdup_encryption <none | aes128 | aes256>
	rda --delete_client --name <RDA Client Hostname>

	rda --update_client --name <RDA Client Hostname> --mode <auto|passthrough|dedupe>

	rda --limit --speed <<num><KBps|MBps|GBps> | default> --target <ip address | hostname>

	rda --partial_images --containerid <Container id> [--delete <Partial image path>] [--timeout <> 0>]

	rda --help

	rda <command> <command-arguments>
   <command> can be one of:
		--show			Displays command specific information.
		--delete_client		Deletes the Rapid Data Access (RDA) client.
		--update_client		Updates attributes of a Rapid Data Access (RDA) client.
		--limit			Delete existing bandwidth rules for all ports and set new throttling limits for RDA replication over WAN.
		--partial_images	Lists or cleans up partial images.

For command-specific help, please type rda --help <command>
            rda --help show


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is the protocol QoreStor uses to provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) through third-party service providers.

This set of QoreStor CLI commands allow you to perform the following configuration for SAML:

  • Adding a SAML configuration
  • Updating a SAML configuration with changes
  • Showing a list of existing SAML configurations
  • Deleting a configuration

SAML configuration command usage

This topic introduces the saml_cfgcommand usage:

  • saml_cfg --add
  • saml_cfg --update
  • saml_cfg --show
  • saml_cfg --delete
  • saml_cfg --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

saml_cfg --help


Displays a list of all commands for managing a SAML configuration with a compatible identity provider (IDP) when using the QoreStor CLI.


saml_cfg --help


	saml_cfg --add [--idp_entity_id <anything>]
			[--idp_login_url <anything>]
			[--idp_logout_url <anything>]
			[--idp_metadata_url <anything>]
	saml_cfg --update [--idp_entity_id <anything>]
			[--idp_login_url <anything>]
			[--idp_logout_url <anything>]	
			--idp_metadata_url <anything>
	saml_cfg --show
	saml_cfg --delete
	saml_cfg --help

saml_cfg <command> <command-arguments>
<command> can be one of:
	--add      Add SAML Configuration to this system.
	--update   Updates SAML Configuration.
	--show     Display SAML Configuration.
	--delete   Delete SAML Configuration.

For command-specific help, please type saml_cfg --help <command>

		saml_cfg --help add
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