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QoreStor 7.0.1 - VM Deployment Guide

Additional configurations

After performing the initial QoreStor configurations, Quest recommends the performing the additional actions below:

  • Update Open VM Tools [VMware deployments only] - Open VM Tools is an open-source implementation of VMware Tools pre-installed on the QoreStor VM. Open VM Tools provides a suite of utilities that improves the functionality and adminstration of VMware virtual machines. For more information on Open VM Tools, refer to the VMware documentation.
To update the Open VM Tools, perform one of the actions below:

    • On the QoreStor Administration menu, select Operating System. Select Open-VM-Tools Update.
    • On the QoreStor menu, select Service Shell and enter

      # sudo yum update open-vm-tools

Adding a Performance Tier

In situations where certain workloads have requirements for faster recovery, QoreStor allows you to write these workloads to a performance tier to enable faster read back unaffected by activity in other QoreStor Storage Groups. By utilizing a performance tier, you are able to maximize the value of higher-performing storage by ensuring that only the most critical workloads are written to it.

To create a QoreStor performance tier, you must create a physical volume comprised of high-performing storage (such as SSD) and then create a QoreStor storage group mapped to that volume. Containers created on that storage group will write and read from high-performance storage exclusively and will be isolated from read activity on other volumes.

To add a performance tier to a QoreStor VM

  1. Using the management client (vSphere Web Client, Hyper-V VM Manager, etc) for your virtualization environment, add a suitable virtual disk file to the QoreStor VM. The new hard disk should be:
    • at least 500GB in size
    • located on high-performing storage, such as SSD
  2. Power on the QoreStor VM and access the QoreStor Menu. See Using the QoreStor Menu for reference.
  3. On the QoreStor Menu, select Administration , then Storage Device Options.
  4. Select the volume to add to QoreStor and select OK. If there is only one additional volume, it will be selected automatically.
  5. Select Add as Performance Tier.

    When a performance tier is added, QoreStor will also create the corresponding storage group "PerformanceTier" mapped to the performance tier storage.

  6. Once the performance tier is created, you can enable encryption. Refer to Editing a Performance Tier in the QoreStor User Guide.

Repairing your virtual machine

The QoreStor virtual machine consists of an operating system (OS) disk and one or more storage disks. If the VM OS becomes corrupted, it may be possible to repair the virtual machine without negative impact to the QoreStor data. Please contact Quest Support for assistance with the VM repair process.

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