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QoreStor 7.0.1 - VM Deployment Guide

About the QoreStor VM Deployment Guide

The QoreStor Virtual Machine Deployment Guide provides instructions for deploying the QoreStor virtual machine images. This guide contains topics that explain how to deploy the QoreStor system in your environment.

Other information you may need

The following table lists the documentation available for QoreStor. The documents listed in this table are available on the Quest support website by selecting your specific QoreStor version at:

Table 1: QoreStor documentation
Document Description
QoreStor Installation Guide Provides information on installation and operation requirements, supported platforms as well as procedures for installing QoreStor.
QoreStor User Guide Provides information on configuring and using QoreStor.
QoreStor Release Notes Provides the latest information about new features and known issues with a specific product release.
QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Provides information about managing QoreStor data backup and replication operations using the QoreStor command line interface (CLI).
QoreStor Interoperability Guide Provides information on supported infrastructure components.
QoreStor Virtual Machine Deployment Guide Provides information on deploying the QoreStor virtual machine on VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V.
Additional whitepapers Instructions and best practices for configuring additional Quest and third-party applications to work with QoreStor.

NOTE: Check for the latest documentation updates and release notes at Read the release notes first because they contain the most recently documented information about known issues with a specific product release.

Information on compatible products

QoreStor offers direct integration with Quest Software's NetVault® Backup and vRanger®, as well as Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec. For more information on those products refer to the documents below.

Table 2: Quest NetVault Backup documentation
Document Description
NetVault Backup Installation Guide Provides information about installing and upgrading the NetVault Backup server and client software.
NetVault Backup Administration Guide Decribes how to configure and use NetVault Backup to protect your data. This document also provides information on configuring QoreStor repositories and migrating NetVault SmartDisk data to the new QoreStor repository.
NetVault Backup Release Notes Provides the latest information about new features and known issues with a specific product release.

NOTE: See the complete NetVault Backup documentation at


Table 3: Quest vRanger documentation
Document Description
vRanger Installation/Upgrade Guide This document provides information on supported platforms, system requirements, and instructions on installing and upgrading vRanger.
vRanger User Guide This document provides information and procedures on configuring and using vRanger to protect virtual and physical environments.
vRanger Release Notes This document details the issues resolved in this release, the known issues as of this release, and the third party components in vRanger.


NOTE: See the complete vRanger documentation at



Getting started

This chapter provides an introduction to the QoreStor system and describes specifications, usage notes, and other important information that you need before you begin to deploy your system. It includes the following topics:

  • Introducing QoreStor— provides an introductory description of QoreStor.
  • NIC Drivers and Settings — provides important information about NIC driver updates for your hypervisor host and NIC settings for the QoreStor virtual machine.

Introducing QoreStor

Quest® QoreStor is a software-defined secondary storage platform based on Quest’s proven DR Appliance’s resilient deduplication and replication technologies. With QoreStor, you can break free of backup appliances and accelerate backup performance, reduce storage requirements and costs, and replicate safer and faster to the cloud for data archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity.

QoreStor supports all of the major backup software applications in use today and can lower your backup storage costs to as little as $.16/GB while reducing your total cost of ownership.QoreStor achieves these results using patented Rapid technology as well as built-in, variable block-based deduplication and compression.

Lower costs and maximize the return on your IT investment by leveraging virtually any storage hardware, virtualization platform or cloud provider. QoreStor also supports many backup software solutions — so it’s not just for Quest. Simple to deploy and easy to manage, QoreStor enables you to shrink replication time, improve data security and address compliance requirements.

QoreStor helps you to:

  • Reduce on-premises and cloud storage costs with industry-leading deduplication and compression.
  • Accelerate backup completion with protocol accelerators and dedupe.
  • Shrink replication time by transmitting only changed data.
  • Improve data security and comply with FIPS 140-2.
  • Maximize return on investment for existing data protection technologies.
  • Lower total cost of ownership through all-inclusive licensing.

QoreStor includes the following features:

  • Hardware and software agnostic platform
  • Next-generation storage dedupe engine
  • Built-in protocol accelerators
  • Support for a wide variety of data backup installations and environments.
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