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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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alerts --help


Displays the listing of alerts and related options for using the QoreStor CLI.


alerts --help


        alerts --show [--events] [--index <[-]number>] [--count <number>] [--all]
                      [--alerts] [--index <[-]number>] [--count <number>] [--all]

        alerts --help

alerts <command> <command-arguments>
<command> can be one of:
        --show         Displays system alerts and events.

For command-specific help, please type alerts --help <command>
For example:
            alerts --help show

Authenticate Commands

This topic introduces the set of QoreStor CLI commands that let you configure QoreStor so it can authenticate with the Microsoft Windows Active Directory Services (ADS).

For information about specific authenticate commands, see Authenticate Command Usage.

Authenticate Command Usage

This topic introduces the authenticate command usage:

  • authenticate --show [options]
  • authenticate --join [options]
  • authenticate --leave [options]
  • authenticate --update --kerberos
  • authenticate --add [options]
  • authenticate --delete [options]
  • authenticate --set --user <user name>
  • authenticate --guestmode [options]
  • authenticate --server_signing --mode <auto|mandatory|disabled|show>
  • authenticate --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

authenticate --show [--users]


Displays the current status of the Microsoft Active Directory Service (ADS) domain, or if it is not joined, it can display the status of any authorized local CIFS user.

NOTE: If this command is entered, but the QoreStor has not joined the ADS to any domain, the following message is displayed.

This system has not joined any domain.


authenticate --show [--users] [--domain <domain name>] [--login_group] [--server_signing]


--users            Lists all local CIFS users.
--domain           Lists time and IP/hostname information for the DC.
--login_group      Lists login group.
--server_signing   Display current CIFS Server signing settings.



If you have joined the ADS to a designated domain and you want to see the authorized users, enter the authenticate --show --users command to display the current status:

authenticate --show --users
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