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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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Managing QoreStor Storage Operations
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Managing QoreStor Storage Operations

This topic introduces the QoreStor CLI commands that you can use for configuring and managing QoreStor backup operations and scheduling when to run Replication and disk Cleaner operations.

The QoreStor CLI commands that provide these capabilities are grouped into the following categories:

  • Connection: configuring/managing connections to storage containers
  • Container: configuring/managing storage and replication relationships
  • Replication: configuring/managing replication operations
  • Seeding: managing seeding import and export
  • Schedule: configuring/managing the Replication and Cleaner schedules for QoreStor


This topic introduces the set of QoreStor CLI commands that allow you to manage, configure, and display connection-related settings for cloud_tiers on a QoreStor server. For more information, see Container Command Usage .

Cloud_tier Command Usage

This topic introduces the cloud_tier command usage:

  • cloud_tier --show [options]
  • cloud_tier --add [options]
  • cloud_tier --update [options]
  • cloud_tier --delete [options]
  • cloud_tier --setpassphrase
  • cloud_tier --enable [options]
  • cloud_tier --purge-ssl-certificate
  • cloud_tier --src_cont_list [--cloud_archive]
  • cloud_tier --help

cloud_tier --show


Displays the current cloud connection details..


cloud_tier --show [--verbose]


--verbose		Display more details.
--cloud_archive	View details of cloud archive


Cloud_tier Name : DefaultCloudTier
Cloud_tier Compression Type : Fast
Cloud_tier Encryption Set : On
Cloud_tier Encryption Type : Static
Cloud_tier Rotate Period : 0
Cloud_tier Passphrase set : Yes
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