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QoreStor 7.0.0 - User Guide

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Editing object storage

To modify object storage via the user interface, complete the following steps

  1. In the navigation menu, click Local Storage to expand the menu, then click Object Storage.
  2. Click Edit Object Storage.
  3. On the Edit Object Storage page, select or modify the options below, as appropriate:
    • Unlimited Quota— This option is selected by default. To set a quota, de-select this option and enter a numeric value (greater than 100) in the Quota field. Select the value format (either GiB or TiB). Refer to Quotas for more information. Once a quota is set, it can be reset to the default value of unlimited.
  4. To apply encryption, select Encryption and enter the following:
    • Passphrase — the passphrase is user-defined and is used to generate a passphrase key that encrypts the file in which the content encryption keys are kept. The passphrase is a human readable key, which can be up to 255 bytes in length. It is mandatory to define a passphrase to enable encryption.

      NOTE: It is mandatory to define a passphrase to enable encryption. If the passphrase is compromised or lost, the administrator should change it immediately so that the content encryption keys do not become vulnerable.

    • Confirm Passphrase — re-enter the passphrase used above.
    • Encryption Mode — Select either static or internal.
      • static - A global mode of key management in which a fixed key is used to encrypt all data.
      • internal - A mode of key lifecycle management in which the keys are periodically generated and rotated. The minimum key rotation period before the content encryption key can be rotated and a new key is generated is 7 days. This rotation period is user-configurable and can be specified in days.

    NOTE: Refer to Configuring and Using Encryption at Rest for more information about encryption.

  5. Click Update.

To modify object storage via the CLI, complete the following steps

  1. Access the QoreStor CLI. Refer to Using the QoreStor command line for more information.
  2. Modify your object storage using the command below. Refer to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide for more information.
    object_tier --update [--quota <Quota value in GiB or TiB>]
    object_tier --encryption [--set <ON | OFF>] [--mode < static | internal >] [--interval <7 days to 70 years>]
    object_tier --bucket [--create] [--enable-object-lock] [--name <bucket name>] [--delete] [--name <bucket name>]
    	[--set-lock] [--name <bucket name>] [--mode <compliance|governance|none>]  [--valid-days <1 to 36500 days>] [--valid-years <1 to 100 years>] 
    	[--set-retention] [--name <bucket name>] [--mode <compliance|governance|none>] [--valid-days <1 to 36500 days>] [--valid-years <1 to 100 years>] [--object-prefix <anything>] [--show] [--name <bucket name>] [--list]
    object_tier --policy [--set] [--policy_type <readonly|readwrite|none>] --name <user name>
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