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QoreStor 6.1.0 - DR Migration Release Notes

Upgrade notes

This topic contains important information for users who are upgrading from a previous QoreStor release.

Upgrading a migrated DR Series appliance to QoreStor

If you have previously migrated your DR Series system to QoreStor, you must upgrade your QoreStor software to build before upgrading to build The upgrade process in build includes a step that flushes WAM data, and that process must be completed before upgrading to

Resolved issues in DR Series Software version 4.0.3219.1p

The following is a list of issues addressed in this version of the DR Series Software upgrade.

Table 1: Resolved issues in build 4.0.3219.1p

Release Issue ID Resolved Issue
4.0.3203.1b 67345 updated the correct Payload tag for downloading the sw-payload
4.0.3204.1c 33275 for 802.3ad configuration of bond wrongly reporting as not connected in gui,omsa description:Fix memory corruption in enumerating eth_info in nw_info structure.
4.0.3205.1d 33458 Fix writer starvation because of pthread rwlock multi-reader & few-writer fairness problem.
4.0.3206.1e 33457 Failure to locate and restore file spanning multiple tapes near the end of the tape
4.0.3212.1l 33459 Fix computing power calculation - from QoreStor fix of QS-2032.
  QS-2095 RDCIFS WIndows fix
  33467 Allowing rdcifs installation on Windows servers and domain controllers but not workstations
  33471 allow QoreStor to DR replication
  33472 Fixes for RDA-NDMP workflow
  33473 Block clone support
  31548 Failed to commit blockmap
  33470 ocafsd coring in profiler
  32919 ocafsd crash in error scenarios
4.0.3215.1m 33474 Added new error EFILEINCLOUD, accordingly replication will not allow updates to file on target
  33475 iscsi server crashes
  33476 ofsck NO SCAN for NVRAM data flush in DR
4.0.3217.1n 33477 Add new CLI commands for DR-> QoreStor migration
4.0.3218.1o 33479 Precheck for no FC HBA is passing even though DR has FC card
  33480 Faster block clones
4.0.3219.1p 33481 Prepare migration command is failing on DR4100 machine

Resolved issues in the DR Migration Boot Image

The following is a list of issues addressed in this version of the DR Migration boot image.

Table 2: Resolved issues in DR Series Migration ISO version

Issue ID Resolved Issue
QS-6184 Migration performance improvements to reduce migration time.
QS-6759 After QoreStor migration, capacity used in stats --system is showing "0"

Open issues

The issues below are known to exist in this release.

Table 3: Known issues in this release
Release Issue ID Resolved Issue
  QS-5438 After performing a DR to QoreStor migration, network settings are reset to default.
  QS-5826 When performing a DR to QoreStor migration, bonding modes and MTU settings are not
  QS-6803 Customers running QoreStor on a DR Series appliance must perform an intermediate upgrade to before upgrading to
  QS-6860 During upgrade, the SMB config file is overwritten. Any manual changes to this file will be lost on upgrade.
4.0.3220.1q 33483 Prevent Migration to QoreStor if more than 63 containers in a single storage group
  33484 Add support for DR to QoreStor replication using the DR UI
4.0.3221.1r 33486 DR CIFS user password doesn't support "." or some other special characters
4.0.3223.1s 33489 RFE- request to add valid users option to container samba configuration





DR migration to QoreStor fails prechecks if marker directory does not exist


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