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QoreStor 6.1.0 - DR Migration Release Notes

QoreStor Release Notes

DR Series Migration Image Release Notes

Updated: January 2020

About this document

These release notes are intended to supplement the QoreStor documentation to provide information on the DR Series migration images. These release notes contain details about the latest updates and resolutions, known issues, and other information specifically related to the DR Series migration images.

This document is specific to the DR Series migration files below:

  • DR Series Software Upgrade File version 4.0.3219.1p
  • DR Series Migration ISO version

NOTE: Please check for the latest versions of the QoreStor documentation available at

About the DR Series Migration

Starting with QoreStor 6.0, it is possible to perform an in-place upgrade that converts your DR Series appliance to a QoreStor server. This in-place process preserves your data and storage configuration, and migrates any applicable settings without the need for an intermediate staging server. Refer to Migrating a DR Series Appliance to QoreStor in the QoreStor Installation Guide for more information.

IMPORTANT: The DR Series Migration Image is not publicly available. Please contact your Quest Sales representative or Quest Support for assistance with obtaining the images.

Upgrade overview

The in-place upgrade process utilizes a bootable image that can be used with either a USB key or as iDRAC virtual media. The image includes:

  • Oracle Linux 7.3
  • QoreStor
  • Upgrade and migration scripts.

The migration requires that you boot the DR Series system to the migration image. At that point, the installer will capture your DR Series settings and configuration, install the operating system and QoreStor application, and import your storage and configuration details. After the installation, QoreStor will be in maintenance mode for some time while consistency checks are performed.

After migration, the QoreStor server will contain three default accounts, with the default credentials as listed below. You must change the default credentials upon logging in.

  • root - the default password is generated in the format of "qorestor-<SERVICE TAG>". As an example, a machine with a service tag of 2ZQYBX1 would have a default root password of qorestor-2ZQYBX1. Root logins over SSH are disabled. Only console logins are allowed.
  • qsadmin - the default password is St0r@ge!
  • qsservice - the default password is "changeme", and must be changed after logging in. Refer to Initial login and changing your password.

IMPORTANT: You must have a valid QoreStor license sufficient for the converted capacity before beginning the conversion process.

About QoreStor

QoreStor is a hotfix release of QoreStor with minor enhancements and defect resolutions. Refer to the QoreStor Release Notes for information on enhancements and defect resolutions in this release.

Migration Image features and enhancements

The DR Series Migration package contains the enhancements listed below.

DR Series Migration ISO version includes:

  • DR to QoreStor migration time reduced during final QoreStor validation phase
  • Migration support for various container layouts during upgrade
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