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NetVault 11.4.5 - Installation Guide

Introduction Deploying NetVault Backup Reviewing pre-installation requirements Installing NetVault Backup Reviewing post-installation requirements Upgrading NetVault Backup Licensing NetVault Backup Removing NetVault Backup Troubleshooting

Installation aborted on Windows after installer fails to delete an existing directory

On a Windows-based machine, installation fails if the installer is unable to remove the existing contents from the installation directory.

The installer reports a preinstall script error and cancels the installation process.

This error can occur if there are any open files in the installation directory. If a file is locked by the Windows OS, the installer cannot delete it.

When this error occurs, do the following:

Installation of hybrid package fails silently on a 64-bit Linux machine

When installing the hybrid package of NetVault Backup on a 64-bit Linux machine, the installation process fails.

No errors are reported; the installation process fails silently.

This issue can occur if the required 32-bit libraries are not installed on the 64-bit Linux machines. If the installer cannot find the required libraries on the system, it may fail to run.

Try installing the software after installing the required libraries. For more information about the requirements, see Platform-specific requirements.

Upgrade fails on a client running Plug-in for DB2

Upgrade fails on a Windows-based NetVault Backup Server or Client on which the Plug-in for DB2 is running.

Upgrade fails because the installer is unable to delete the library files in the Windows\System32 folder due to sharing violations.

The Plug-in for DB2 causes this problem. When you run a DB2 backup or restore job, the DB2 Server process invokes the shared library used by the Plug-in for DB2. After the backup or restore job completes, the DB2 Server process does not unload the library and release the shared memory. During upgrade, the installer is unable to overwrite the library files because they are in use. So, the process fails.

To successfully upgrade the NetVault Backup Server or Client software, do the following:


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