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NetVault Plug-in for VMware 13.2.1 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Plug-in for VMware Installing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Defining a backup strategy Using the image-level backup method Using the file-level backup method Restoring image-level backups Restoring file-level backups Troubleshooting

Backup selection tree icons

Use the following table as a reference to determine the meaning of each icon the plug-in shows in the backup selection tree.

vCenter Server

Datacenter Server

ESXi Server Cluster

Closed folder

Open folder

ESXi Server

ESXi Server in maintenance mode

Inaccessible ESXi Server

Virtual Appliance (vApp)

Resource pool

Virtual machine (turned on)

Inaccessible virtual machine

Mounted virtual machine

Suspended virtual machine

Turned off virtual machine

Virtual machine (turned on, CBT enabled)

Inaccessible virtual machine (CBT enabled)

Mounted virtual machine (CBT enabled)

Suspended virtual machine (CBT enabled)

Turned off virtual machine (CBT enabled)

Primary virtual machine (turned on) in a Fault Tolerant group

Inaccessible primary virtual machine

Suspended primary virtual machine

Turned off primary virtual machine

Secondary virtual machine in a Fault Tolerant group

Inaccessible secondary virtual machine

Suspended secondary virtual machine

Turned off secondary virtual machine

Restarting a backup job

The plug-in includes the option to restart a job to back up only those virtual machines that failed previously. To use this method, you must configure the backup option Enable Restartable backups for the job. For more information about this option, see Performing image-level backups. When a restartable backup completes with some failed virtual machines, the plug-in generates a backup index for the completed virtual machines and sets the job status to Job Stopped. You can restart this job from the Job Status page.

NOTE: The Restart method does not work if you select multiple jobs simultaneously.

Resetting CBT on a virtual machine

During Incremental or Differential backups, if the plug-in is unable to determine the changed disk sectors for a virtual machine, it reports an error — “Failed to determine disk areas to back up” — and backs up the entire disk. When this error occurs, use the following procedure to reset change block tracking for the virtual machine. Before proceeding, delete any existing snapshots of the target virtual machine.

Start the Backup Job Wizard, and click next to the Selections list.
Click the target virtual machine, and select Reset Change Block Tracking from the context menu.
Log message: Failed to determine disk areas to back up.
Log context: A specified parameter was not correct. deviceKey.

Monitoring job progress

On the Monitor Job page, you can view the following information.
Job details: This area displays the Job ID, title, phase, instance, client, plug-in, start time, expected completion time, run count, duration, size, and status.
Data transfer chart: This area displays the data transfer chart.
Job logs: This area displays the log messages.


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