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NetVault Plug-in for VMware 11.4 - User Guide

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Restoring file-level backups

About restoring file-level backups

The Plug‑in for VMware provides the following methods for restoring file-level backups.

Restores using shared network drives: This method does not require an instance of NetVault Backup Client running inside the virtual machine. Restores are performed to the shared network drives on the virtual machines, using the Plug-in for FileSystem installed on the plug-in host. Since the Plug-in for FileSystem is automatically installed on the NetVault Backup Client, no additional software is required for this type of restore.
Restores using native Plug-in for FileSystem: This method is suitable if an instance of NetVault Backup Client is already running inside the virtual machine. The virtual machine is treated as any other physical NetVault Backup Client for the file system restores.

Restoring file-level backups using shared network drives

The procedure for restoring file-level backups to a shared folder on the virtual machine includes the steps outlined in the following sections:

Setting up a network share

To create a network share between the NetVault Backup Client and the target virtual machine, use the following procedure.

On the NetVault Backup Selections page, open the NetVault Backup Client on which the plug-in is installed, and then open File System.
Select Network Shares, and in the Actions list, click Add Network Share.
In the Add New Network Share dialog box, specify file path for the shared drive in the following format:
\\<IP Address or Resolvable Network Name>\<Share Name>\
Click Add to add the network share and close the dialog box.
Select Network Shares, and in the Actions list, click Connect As.
In the Connection Details dialog box, provide the following information:
Domain: Type the Windows Domain name for the system that contains the shared folders.
Username: Type a Domain Administrator user name. The network share backups must be performed using a Domain Administrator account to fully retrieve the file and directory permissions during a restore. A user belonging to the Administrators Group does not have the Domain Administrator privileges.
Password: Type the password for the user account.
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