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NetVault Plug-in for VMware 11.2 - User Guide

Introduction Installing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Defining a backup strategy Using the image-level backup method Using the file-level backup method Restoring image-level backups Restoring file-level backups Troubleshooting

SOAP messages

When you enable tracing, the Plug‑in for VMware generates the following two files along with the other trace logs:

These files contain communication details between the plug-in and vSphere Web Service running on the VMware vCenter or ESXi Servers.

When you send the trace files to Dell Technical Support, ensure that these two files are included.

Generating VDDK logs

The Plug‑in for VMware uses the VMware VDDK API for the following operations:

To diagnose or troubleshoot errors encountered during these operations, Dell Technical Support may request you to send the VDDK logs. You can use the following procedure to enable VDDK logging when these operations are performed.

In the navigation pane, click Create Backup Job, and then click Create New next to the Selections list.
Select VMware Plugin, and in the Actions list, click Configure.
If the plug-in is installed on a NetVault Backup Client, click Client Settings; in the clients table, select the client, and click Next.
Under Plugins, click Plugin Options.
Under Troubleshooting, select the Enable VDDK Logging check box.
The plug-in generates the VDDK log files entitled vixDiskLib*.log in the following directories:
Windows®: <System Drive>\Windows\Temp\vmware-SYSTEM
Linux®: /tmp/vmware-root


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