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NetVault Plug-in for SQL Server 11.2 - User Guide

Introducing Quest® NetVault® Backup Plug-in  for SQL Server® Planning your SQL Server deployment Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data
Defining a backup strategy Reviewing the compression features Performing Online VDI backups Performing VSS backups in SQL Server® Example of creating a full VDI backup of an AlwaysOn Availability Group
Restoring data Troubleshooting

Defining a backup strategy

The purpose of creating SQL Server® backups is to recover a database that is damaged from media failure or data corruption. Reliable use of backup for recovery requires a strategy that maximizes data availability and minimizes data loss, while accounting for defined business requirements.

A backup strategy is divided into two pieces: a backup piece and a restore piece.

IMPORTANT: If you use Plug‑in for SQL Server, verify that you are not using a third-party program to complete additional backups of SQL Server. Otherwise, a conflict might occur during the restore or recovery process when the differential backups do not match.

For more information, review the following topics:

Reviewing the available backup methods

The plug-in offers the following backup methods:

The plug-in supports implementing an Online VDI or a pure VSS backup strategy, not a combination of the two.

Online Virtual Device Interface (VDI)

Microsoft supports the ability to perform online backups that use the VDI Application Program Interface (API) to integrate with a range of backup devices supported by NetVault Backup. Online VDI backups provide maximum reliability and flexibility when defining a backup strategy. This method supports the full range of backup types and options available with SQL Server®’s Transact SQL language along with the ability to handle several recovery scenarios.

The backup-and-restore strategies available with the Online through VDI Backup Method are thoroughly discussed in the Backing Up and Restoring Databases section of the SQL Server Books Online.

Plug‑in for SQL Server’s Online through VDI backup method is the preferred backup method.

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

Microsoft supports the ability to create snapshots of SQL Server® data using VSS. VSS allows volume backups to be performed while applications on the system continue to write to the volumes. Microsoft provides a SQL Server VSS Writer that permits backup programs such as Plug‑in for SQL Server to copy SQL Server data while SQL Server is running. VSS-based backups do not negatively affect SQL Server’s performance or stability.

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