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NetVault Plug-in for Nutanix AHV 13.0 - User Guide

Performing backups

The procedure for performing image-level backups includes the steps outlined in the following topics.

Selecting data for a backup

You must use sets — Backup Selection Set, Backup Options Set, Schedule Set, Target Set, and Advanced Options Set — to create a backup job.

TIP: To use an existing set, click Create Backup Job, and select the set from the Selections list.
You can also start the wizard from the Guided Configuration link. In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration. On the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Create backup jobs.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job.
Next to the Selections list, click .
In the list of plug-ins on the NetVault Selections page, open Nutanix AHV, and expand the <clusterIP> or <clusterFQDN> node to display the list of VM and Host nodes.
Select the <clusterIP> or <clusterFQDN> node to include every VM that exists at the time of backup.
Select the applicable <host> nodes to include every VM that resides on the selected host nodes.
Click Save, enter a name in the Create New Set dialog box, and click Save.

Setting backup options

The next step involves creating the Backup Options Set or selecting an existing one.

TIP: To use an existing set, in the Plugin Options list, select the set that you want to use.
Next to the Plugin Options list, click .
In the Backup Type section, select Full, Incremental, or Differential, whichever is applicable.
In the Maximum Number of Parallel Streams box, enter the applicable number.
The default is 4. You can enter up to 32 to improve load balancing or performance, or both. However, if you are using tape drives, the number of parallel backup streams selected must be equal to or less than the number of available drives.
In the Snapshot Type section, select the applicable option.
Crash Consistent: To capture all the data on the VM at the same time, select this option.
Application Consistent: To capture all the data on the VM at the same time and to capture all data in memory as well as any transactions that are in process, select this option. This option is selected by default.
NOTE: If the default, Application Consistent, is used and the snapshot cannot be completed by the plug-in, the plug-in automatically creates a Crash Consistent snapshot.
In Set Name, specify a name for the set, and click Save.

Finalizing and submitting the job

Use the Schedule, Target Storage, and Advanced Options lists to configure any additional required options.
Click Save or Save & Submit, whichever is applicable.
TIP: To run a job that you have already created and saved, select Manage Job Definitions in the Navigation pane, select the applicable job, and click Run Now.
You can monitor progress on the Job Status page and view the logs on the View Logs page. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Administrator’s Guide.


As a result, when you select Incremental Backup for the Backup Type, the plug-in creates a Full Backup of MyVM2 in Step 4 and an Incremental of that VM in Step 5. When you select Differential Backup for the Backup Type, the plug-in creates a Full Backup of MyVM2 in Step 4 and Step 5.

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