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NetVault Plug-in for Nutanix AHV 13.0 - User Guide

Prerequisites for installing the plug-in

Before installing the plug-in, verify that the following prerequisites are met on the Backup Proxy.

Make sure that Backup Proxy is part of the Nutanix AHV cluster that you intend to protect: Before you install the NetVault components, create the Windows VM on the Nutanix AHV cluster, make sure that network settings are complete, and that the Backup Proxy has an IP address.
Install NetVault Server and Client software: At a minimum, the NetVault Client software must be installed on the Backup Proxy. For instructions on installing the NetVault Client software and adding the Nutanix Server as a Heterogeneous Client, see the Quest NetVault Installation Guide.

Installing or upgrading the plug-in

The following topic describes the process for installing the plug-in on a single client or upgrading an existing one. If you have multiple clients of the same type, you can use the NetVault Configuration Wizard to install the plug-in on multiple clients at the same time. For more information on using push installation to update multiple clients at the same time, see the Quest NetVault Administrator’s Guide.

On the Manage Clients page, select the machine that contains the Nutanix Server, and click Manage.
On the View Client page, click the Install Plugin button ().
Click Choose Plug-in File, and navigate to the location of the “.npk” installation file for the plug-in — on the installation CD or the directory to which the file was downloaded from the website.
Select the file entitled “nu-x-x-x-x-x.npk,” where xxxxx represents the version number and platform, and click Open.

Licensing the plug-in

Apply the license to the Backup Proxy. For information about the licensing process, including how to obtain the proper license keys, see the Quest NetVault Installation Guide.

Removing the plug-in

For details on removing the Plug‑in for Nutanix AHV in a clustered environment, see the applicable topic on working with client clusters in the Quest NetVault Administrator’s Guide.

On the Manage Clients page, select the applicable client, and click Manage.
In the Installed Software table on the View Client page, select Plug‑in for Nutanix AHV, and click the Remove Plugin button ().
In the Confirm dialog box, click Remove.
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