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NetVault Plug-in for Exchange 10.0.5 - User Guide

Introducing Dell™ NetVault™ Backup Plug-in for Exchange Defining an Exchange data protection strategy Planning your Exchange Server deployment Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Restoring data Troubleshooting

Reviewing the backup types

Full Backups

Copy Backups

Incremental Backups

An Incremental Backup should not be performed in the following conditions:
When an Initial Full Backup has not been created: The transaction log only contains changes made to the database after the last backup was created, which means that a base backup is required.
After an Incremental Backup containing multiple Storage Groups/Mailbox Databases fails: In this case, a Full Backup must first be performed before an Incremental Backup can be performed. When an Incremental Backup that contains multiple Storage Groups/Mailbox Databases fails, some of the transaction logs are truncated and permanently lost. At that point, the transactions have already been deleted from the Exchange Server logs. Although the data still exists within the Exchange Server, errors would occur if you attempted to restore Incremental Backups that were created after a failed Incremental Backup job. This issue does not apply to a failed Incremental Backup that contains only a single Storage Group/Mailbox Database.
After the Transaction Log is manually truncated: In this case, a Full or Differential Backup must be performed before an Incremental Backup. Microsoft strongly recommends against manually truncating transaction logs.
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