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NetVault Plug-in for DB2 3.3 - User Guide

Restore and recovery overview

Restore recreates a full database or a subset of tablespaces from a backup copy. A database restore operation requires an exclusive connection, but a tablespace restore operation can be completed online. To restore the tablespaces, you can use either a tablespace-level backup or select the required tablespaces from a full database backup. Offline backups allow you to restore a database to the same state that it was in at the time of backup. With online backups, you can use the Archived Logs and Active Logs to recover the database to the current time or last backup.

Restoring from Full Backups

The procedure for restoring a Full Backup includes the steps outlined in the following topics:

Selecting data for a restore

On the Create Restore Job — Choose Saveset page, select Plug‑in for DB2 from the Plugin Type list.
When you select a saveset, the following details are displayed in the Saveset Information area: Job ID, job title, server name, client name, plug-in name, saveset date and time, retirement setting, Incremental Backup or not, Archive or not, saveset size, and snapshot-based backup or not.
Click Next.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the data that you want to restore.
Restore Full Database: Select the database node.
Restore Table spaces: To restore all tablespaces, open the database node, and select the Tablespaces node. To restore individual tablespaces, open the Tablespaces node, and select one or more tablespaces.
Apply Archived Logs: Select the Archived Logs node, or open this node, and select the required log files.

Setting restore options

This step involves the steps outlined in the following topics:

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