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NetVault Plug-in for DB2 3.3 - User Guide

Removing the plug-in

On the Manage Clients page, select the applicable client, and click Manage.
In the Installed Software table on the View Client page, select Plug‑in for DB2, and click the Remove Plugin button ().
In the Confirm dialog box, click Remove.

Configuring the plug-in

Configuring default settings

The plug-in lets you set default options for backup and restore jobs. You can override these options on a per-job basis.

In the Navigation Pane, click Create Backup Job, and click Create New next to the Selections list.
From the Actions list, select Configure.
Enter the DB2 Installation Directory parameter.

Configuring a default login account

Plug‑in for DB2 lets you configure a default login account, which is used to connect automatically to the database instance. Configuring a default login account eliminates the need to enter the authentication details each time a connection to the instance is required. The plug-in stores the user name and the encrypted password in the configuration file. When you configure a default account, any change in the user account or password does not affect the existing job definitions.

To configure a default login account for a DB2 instance, perform the following steps.

Next to the Selections list, click Create New.
In the list of plug-ins, open Plug‑in for DB2 to display the added DB2 instances, and select the applicable instance.
From the Actions list, select Set Default Login.
In the DB2 Default Login dialog box, configure the following details:
Default Account Name: Enter the account name for the DB2 Instance Administrator.
Default Password: Enter the password for the configured user account.
Use Default Login: To connect automatically to the database without waiting for user input, select this check box.
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