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NetVault Plug-in for DB2 3.3 - User Guide

Selecting data for a backup

You must use sets — Backup Selection Set, Backup Options Set, Schedule Set, Target Set, and Advanced Options Set — to create a backup job.

Backup Selection Sets are essential for Incremental and Delta Backups. Create the Backup Selection Set during a Full Backup, and use it for Full, Incremental, and Delta Backups. The backup job reports an error if you do not use a Selection Set for the Incremental or Delta Backup. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

TIP: To use an existing set, click Create Backup Job, and select the set from the Selections list.
In the Navigation pane, click Create Backup Job.
You can also start the wizard from the Guided Configuration link. In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration. On the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Create backup jobs.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job.
Next to the Selections list, click Create New.
In the list of plug-ins, open Plug‑in for DB2 to display the added DB2 instances.
Account Name: Enter the account name for the DB2 Instance Administrator.
Password: Enter the password for the configured user account.
Full Database Backup: Select the database node.
Table space Backup: Select one of the following:
To back up individual tablespaces, open the Tablespaces node, and select one or more tablespaces.
Archived Logs: To back up the Archived Logs, select the Archived Logs node. Archived logs are required for a roll-forward recovery, and must be backed up regularly. You can back up the archived logs separately or together with the tablespaces. The plug-in provides the option to delete the archived logs from the disk after backing them up.
Click Save, enter a name in the Create New Set dialog box, and click Save.

Setting backup options

The next step involves creating the Backup Options Set or selecting an existing one.

TIP: To use an existing set, in the Plugin Options list, select the set that you want to use.
Next to the Plugin Options list, click Create New.
Backup Mode: Select one of the following options: Online or Offline. For details, see Available backup modes.
Backup Type: Select one of the following options: Full, Incremental, or Delta. For details, see Available backup types.
DB2 Buffers Setting: Configure the following parameters:
Number of Buffers: If you are using multiple buffers and I/O channels, specify at least twice as many buffers as channels to ensure that the channels do not have to wait for data. Increasing the number of buffers results in the backup operation completing faster.
Buffer Size: To change the buffer size, enter the value here. The value must be a multiple of the tablespace extent size. The default value for this parameter is 1024 KB.
Number of Sessions: This parameter determines the number of tablespaces that are backed up in parallel. Each session is assigned one tablespace at a time until all tablespaces are backed up.
IMPORTANT: If you are creating an Incremental or Delta Backup job, set this field to 1. If you enter a different number, the plug-in limits the number to 1, and displays the following message upon completion with warnings: Backup Option 'Number of Sessions' = '<configuredNumber>' changed to '1' for 'INCREMENTAL' or 'DELTA' backup
Purge Logs: Under Purge Logs, configure the following parameters
Purge Archived Logs: To remove the archived logs automatically after they are backed up, select this check box. The plug-in deletes all archived logs except the Active Logs. Also, the plug-in does not delete the number of logs specified in the Logs to Keep Before Active Log option.
Logs to Keep before Active Log Option: To specify the number of logs preceding the current active database log in the server that should not be purged, use this option with the Purge Archived Logs option. Enter a number from 1 to 999.
Click Save to save the set.
In the Create New Set dialog box, specify a name for the set, and click Save.

Finalizing and submitting the job

The final steps include setting additional options on the Schedule, Target Storage, and Advanced Options pages, submitting the job, and monitoring the progress through the Job Status and View Logs pages. These pages and options are common to all NetVault Backup Plug-ins. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Use the Schedule, Target Storage, and Advanced Options lists to configure any additional required options.
Click Save or Save & Submit, whichever is applicable.
TIP: To run a job that you have already created and saved, select Manage Job Definitions in the Navigation pane, select the applicable job, and click Run Now.
You can monitor progress on the Job Status page and view the logs on the View Logs page. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.


Restoring data

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