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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.15.2 - Pre-Migration Planning Guide

About the Migrator for Notes to Exchange documentation Introduction Critical considerations Other strategic planning issues Appendix A: Known limitations of the migration process

Migrating from Notes with Symantec E-Vault

When migrating from a Notes environment with Symantec E-Vault, Exchange propagation issues may interfere with Migrator for Notes to Exchange setting custom attributes when the destination mailbox has never been accessed either by Outlook or by the migration application. One simple work-around would be to first run a "dummy" migration (e.g., use a date filter where date > 1/1/2100) to open all the target mailboxes before running the real migration.

Migrating to Exchange configured with a CAS array

Migration to an Exchange environment configured with a CAS array requires a few extra steps. See, in Appendix A of the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Administration Guide, the topic How Do I Migrate to an Exchange Environment with a CAS Array?

Migrating from older versions of Notes/Domino

The Data Migration Wizard (for batch migrations) supports Notes version 6.0 and later, and Domino server version 6.0 and later. If your users are running an earlier version Notes client, the wizard can still migrate user batches to Exchange as long as Notes client version 6.0 or later is installed on the migration server.

Accommodating known limitations and other special circumstances

Review the Appendix A: Known limitations of the migration process (in Appendix A of this Guide), and determine how you will accommodate those that apply to your organization. Most or all may be insignificant to you, while some may require more elaborate strategies or work-arounds to mitigate their effects.

Identify any other aspects of the configuration that will require variations or extensions to the Typical Migration Process described in the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Scenarios Guide, and that are not already discussed among these strategic planning issues. Quest applications offer many operational options that permit considerable flexibility in devising and implementing a suitable migration strategy wherever circumstances require a non-standard approach. For information and help with any non-standard scenarios, please contact your Quest sales representative.

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