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Migration Manager for AD 8.15 - Product Overview

ZeroIMPACT™ on Users

Migration Manager for Active Directory provides Active Directory restructuring with no disruption to users or your network. Migration Manager for Active Directory performs restructuring activities while allowing users to maintain uninterrupted access to all their resources, regardless of whether the resources are being moved. Users can be migrated while they are online, and they don’t have to reboot their computers or log in and out of their accounts after the move.

Directory Synchronization

Very few migration projects can be done in a weekend, especially if users and resources are to be moved from one forest to another. As a result, there is a period when administrators have to maintain coexistence between the old and new environments.

Migration Manager for Active Directory has built-in synchronization capabilities to ease the burden of coexistence. It can synchronize account properties, group membership, and passwords, so administrators can simply make necessary changes in one environment and have those changes automatically replicated to the other environment.

This reduces the administrative burden and improves security by keeping the environments consistent.

Test Mode

A migration session can be executed in test mode. In test mode, Migration Manager for Active Directory attempts to actually perform the migration but does not create the accounts in the target environments.

During this test, the tool detects most of the possible issues with the migration, including lack of permissions, matching conflicts, and missing linked objects (such as group members). This lets you safely experiment with migrations and resolve issues so they do not arise in your real migration.

Centralized Project Management

Migration Manager for Active Directory gives administrators control of the migration project. Features include:

  • Delegation of permissions over the migration project. For example, a local administrator might get read-only access to the project but full control over a task to migrate a set of OUs.
  • Online queues for errors, matching conflicts, and missing linked objects (e.g., missing group members). Administrators can check the queues and take corrective actions for problems. Migration Manager for Active Directory keeps trying to perform the synchronization. Once the issue gets resolved, Migration Manager for Active Directory automatically synchronizes the objects.
  • Statistics portal. Migration Manager for Active Directory ships with Statistics Portal, which provides Web-based reporting and monitoring of the migration project. It provides both high-level statistics information and low-level migration details. With this tool it is easy to give read-only access to the migration information to anyone involved in the project.
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