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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Product and Concepts Guide

Supported Web Parts

Metalogix Replicator replicates the following web parts between the same versions of SharePoint. For example, the Microsoft Picture Library Slideshow can be replicated from a SharePoint 2010 farm to another SharePoint 2010 farm.


Partial List of Supported Web Parts


·Advanced Search Box

·Colleagues Web Part

·Content Editor

·InfoPath Form

·Site Aggregator

·User Tasks

Agreeya QuickApps 6.6
(SharePoint 2013 support only)






















A complete list of the web parts supported by Replicator is available by running the PowerShell PS>Write-ReplicatorSupportedWebParts command. For more information on this command see the Metalogix Replicator Command Line Reference Guide.


Metalogix Replicator Reference Architecture

The following diagrams illustrate the Metalogix Replicator Reference Architecture used to explain how Replicator operates as well as provide a concrete example that is referenced in the Metalogix documentation and training courses.


NOTE: The diagrams below are used for reference only.  They are not intended to represent best practices from a SharePoint deployment and configuration perspective.  For example, the DNS, Active Directory and SQL Server, servers should be installed on their own - both physical and virtual servers.  The File Server, used for Replicator's export, import and cache folders, should use high reliability storage (RAID 1 mirrored drives or higher).

Metalogix Replicator Logical System Architecture

The following diagram depicts the Metalogix Replicator Logical System Architecture.

Metalogix Replicator Physical System Architecture

The following physical system architecture is useful for configuring evaluation lab and training course environments.



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