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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Log Reader - View Log Statistics

The Log Reader Statistics page displays information about the type and number of transactions that occurred during a selected time period.

You can view statistics for the entire transaction log or for a selected time period.

To view transaction log statistics

  1. Run the Read Log Wizard. For more information, see Read Transaction Logs.

  2. Select the Statistics page. Review the following for additional information:

    To view this...

    Select this...

    Record summary information:

    • The log sequence number of the first and last record in the selected period.

    • The total number of records in the period.

    Summary tab, Totals pane
    The percentage of transactions performed by the system or by the user. Summary tab, Transactions pane
    The percentage of data transactions that were insertions, deletions, or modifications. Summary tab, Data Modifications pane
    The percentage of table transactions that were creations, deletions, or modifications. Summary tab, Table Modifications pane
    A summary of data transactions (insert, delete, update) per table. Table Load tab

    Note: The Log From and To fields at the top of the Statistics page display the total period covered by the transaction log.

  3. (Optional) Set the start and end date for the report, and click Recalculate.


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