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KACE Cloud Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

KACE® Cloud

Release Notes

January 2023

These release notes provide information about the latest KACE Cloud release.


About this release

KACE Cloud allows you to quickly enroll mobile devices, manage their inventory, and to apply required configurations and policies. You can interact with managed devices using a standard set of commands, such as resetting a password or locking a device, as needed. This cloud-based product helps you implement your entire device management solution quickly, and ensuring that managed devices follow your organization guidelines and standards, while protecting your data integrity.

This release contains one new feature and a number of resolved issues. See New features.

Supported platforms


  • Android 8.0+ (Work Profile, Fully Managed, and Zero-Touch enrollments)
  • Android 11.0+ (COPE enrollments)


  • iOS 8.0+ (Personal and supervised devices, DEP enrollments)
  • iOS 11.0+ (Enrollment using Apple Configurator 2)
  • iPadOS 13.0+
  • macOS 10.13+ (Enrollments)
  • tvOS 10.2+


  • Windows 11 Professional, Enterprise, Education
  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, 1709 or later

NOTE: Autopilot and Azure Domain Joins require Azure AD P1 or P2.


  • Google Chrome 49+
  • Microsoft Edge 16+ (Not supported on mobile devices.)
  • Mozilla Firefox 45+
  • Apple Safari 12+ (Mac only)

System-provided mobile administrative applications are not currently available.

New Features

New features in KACE Cloud:

  • KACE Cloud Secure features. A KACE Cloud Secure license allows you to create configurations to patch your Windows devices and install Windows Feature Updates on a regular basis. To obtain a KACE Cloud Secure license, contact KACE Cloud Sales. A free 14-day KACE Cloud Secure trial license is available and can be started directly from KACE Cloud. For more information about KACE Cloud licensing, see About subscriptions and licensing.

    • Patch management. Starting in this version, this feature is available to all customers with a KACE Cloud Secure license. When patching is enabled in KACE Cloud, you can patch managed Windows devices to the latest OS and app software versions. Support for macOS will be available in a future release. Ensuring your managed devices are up to date helps improve their overall performance and protects them from potential vulnerabilities.

    • Managing Microsoft Windows Feature Updates. Windows Feature Updates are new versions of Windows, released a few times every year. KACE Cloud allows you to manage the process of installing these updates on managed devices, to help easily install new Windows features and improvements as they become available. Windows Feature Update Configurations are available in the Security Library.

  • Windows Update Configurations. In addition to Windows Feature Update Configurations, available with a KACE Cloud Secure license, the Security Library also provides access to Windows Update Configurations. These types of updates typically help improve the performance of managed Windows devices and protect them from potential OS-related vulnerabilities. Access to Windows Update Configurations is available through your base KACE Cloud license.

For complete information about these feature, visit the KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager Help Center.

Resolved Issues

This release does not include any resolved issues.

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