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GPOADmin 5.18 - Quick Start Guide

Installing Quest GPOADmin

The install will place all of the roles of GPOADmin on one computer. Ensure that the computer meets the system requirements mentioned above. To prepare for the install, you must perform the following steps:

Click View License Agreement, scroll down to read the licensing information, select I accept these terms, click OK, then click Next.
Click Install.

Installing GPOADmin with msiexec.exe

If required, GPOADmin and its various components can be installed silently from the command line using the msiexec.exe utility. Please see the GPOADmin User Guide Appendix: GPOADmin Silent Installation Commands for details on the commands and examples for the following types of installation options:

Upgrading GPOADmin

During an upgrade, the previous version will be uninstalled and the new version installed. Settings are retained except for those noted below.


Once an upgrade has begun, you cannot rollback to a previous version. However, if an error occurs, you can manually restore the files from the installation backup folder.

During an upgrade, the installer creates an InstallationBackup folder in the install directory and copies the contents of the Connections folder, MigrationTables folder, and customworkflowactions.xml file into it. Once the existing version is removed and the new version installed, the installer then copies the contents of the InstallationBackup folder back to the correct locations.

Failed Upgrades

If the upgrade fails, and you want to go back to a previous version, you will need to manually install it and restore the files in the InstallationBackup folder to their correct locations:

If you want to restore previously set registry settings, browse to the GPOADminRegistrySettings.reg file located in the InstallationBackup folder in the install directory after re-installing the previous version, right-click and select Merge.

Using the database upgrade script

GPOADmin upgrade scripts are located in the Database Scripts sub-directory in the install directory. The database upgrade script for each GPOADmin version is in a sub-directory for that version.

The upgrade scripts are run based on the following:

If required, you can manually upgrade the GPOADmin database.

Expand the Database Scripts sub directory in the install directory.
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