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GPOADmin 5.18 - Quick Start Guide

GPOADmin service

The GPOADmin service can be hosted on a shared application server. Its purpose is to communicate with the Version Control system and implement change requests initiated by the authorized users of the GPOADmin application. These requests would normally include:

Backup repository (storage method)

You have the option of choosing one of the following for the location of the physical backup copy of the object versions:

GPOADmin client

The GPOADmin client application is a MMC Snap-in that can be installed on the workstations of all administrators responsible for the management of GPOs. Through the client, administrators and users will connect to the appropriate GPOADmin server to perform the tasks described under GPOADmin service.

GPO management extension in GPMC

The Extended Group Policy Management Console allows users to work within a familiar interface that incorporates all the benefits of GPOADmin, rather than having them learn a new client interface. When the Group Policy Management Console is opened, the user will see an extra GPO Management tab that will allow them to perform GPOADmin actions on Group Policy Objects from within the Group Policy Management Console.

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