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GPOADmin 5.18 - Quick Start Guide

Connect to the Version Control system

Because the application has been fully configured by the administrator, users connect to the Version Control system in the following manner:

Right-click the GPOADmin node and select Connect To.
Click New to create a new connection and enter the server name.
Select the Version Control server that you want to connect to and click Connect to connect with the current logged on user credentials or select Connect As to enter a new credentials (user name and password).
To save the credentials, select the Remember my password check box and click OK.

For more information about saving connections, see “Persisting Connections” in the GPOADmin User Guide.

Register a GPO

Initially all GPOs are unregistered. To add GPOs to the Version Control system, they must be registered.

Expand GPOADmin, the forest, Live Environment, and the Domain Controller. Select the Group Policy Objects, right-click a GPO in the right-hand pane, right-click and select Register.

Check out and edit GPOs

Before users can edit registered GPOs, the GPOs must be checked out.

The workflow is as follows:

Version information is updated in the system’s history when the GPO is checked back in. Only one person within the system can check out and work on any GPO at a given time.

Checking out a GPO for the first time creates a copy of the original GPO. The copy is an exact duplicate of the original GPO until it passes through the approval process.

Expand the Version Control Root and select the available GPO.
Click Launch Editor and make the required changes.
If required, select the Security tab and click Add or Remove to modify the current security filter. Enter or search for the required user, computer, or group, and click OK.
Click the Advanced button to select advanced permissions.
To add or remove a WMI filter, select the WMI Filter tab and choose a filter from the list of available WMI filters. Click OK.
Expand the Version Control Root node and select the checked out GPO.

Best practices

The following best practices exist within GPOADmin:

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