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Foglight 6.3.0 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Microsoft SQL Server Database

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Stopping the Management Server

The following section describes how to stop the Management Server.

Do one of the following:

Type Ctrl-C on the command window in which the Management Server started.
Navigate to the bin directory and run the following command:
fms --stop
Depending on where you installed the startup icon, choose Start > Programs > Quest > Foglight 6.3.0 > Stop Foglight or double-click the Stop Foglight icon on the desktop.

When the server has stopped successfully, the StartFoglight command window closes.

Starting and stopping the Management Server in High Availability mode

Configuring your server in High Availability (HA) mode allows you to run multiple servers in a partition offering HA.

When the server has started successfully, the following message appears in the command window:

Do one of the following:

Type Ctrl-C in the command window in which the Foglight HA server started.
Open a second command window, navigate to the bin directory, and run the following command:
fmsha --stop
When the server has stopped successfully, the command window closes.

For more information about configuring and managing High Availability mode, see the High Availability Field Guide.

Logging in to Foglight

Depending on where you installed the program icons, navigate to Start > Programs > Quest > Foglight > Foglight Console
Where <hostname> is the name of the machine where the Management Server is installed and <port> is the HTTP port specified during installation (the default is 8080).

Monitoring the Management Server host

During the installation, or upgrade, a HostAgent is automatically created to monitor the host where the Management Server, the embedded Foglight Agent Manager, and embedded database run. The health of this host directly affects the health and performance of Foglight.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Status.
On the Agent Status dashboard, find the WindowsAgentPlus called EmbeddedHostMonitor.

Information about the status and data collection of the agent are available on this dashboard.

For more information about monitoring activities and exploring the data collected for the host, see the Foglight for Infrastructure User and Reference Guide.

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