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Foglight 5.9.4 - Security and Compliance Guide

Security overview
Foglight security measures Customer security measures Security features in Foglight Disclaimer
Security features for APM appliances Usage feedback Appendix: FISMA compliance

Masking sensitive input data

Foglight® masks password entries with asterisks to prevent them from being displayed. Foglight also masks agent properties that are marked as sensitive.

Uninstalling Foglight

Uninstalling Foglight® leaves certain files in the Foglight folder, and database content (schema) is not deleted. Only the internally embedded database is erased on uninstall. If required, the customer must delete the Foglight files from the file system manually.


The Agent Manager supports IPv6 communication with the Management Server, and also with upstream Agent Manager concentrators.

Monitoring patches for the embedded database

Quest Software Inc. monitors and provides patches and/or upgrades to address any relevant vulnerabilities that may affect the embedded PostgreSQL® database provided with Foglight®. To receive product updates or security patches, a customer may be required to upgrade to the latest version of Foglight.

Customers who use an external database (PostgreSQL®, Oracle®, or Microsoft® SQL Server®) are responsible for applying the latest security patches to their database as well as ensuring that it is securely configured.

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