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Foglight 5.9.3 - Upgrade Guide

Understand product versions Best practices Upgrade the Foglight Management Server Upgrade the Foglight Agent Manager Upgrade the Application Monitoring cartridges Upgrade the Database cartridges Upgrade the End User Management cartridges Upgrading the Infrastructure Management cartridges Upgrade the Integration cartridges Upgrade the cartridges in a federated or High Availability (HA) environment Appendix: Deploying an agent package using the browser interface

Upgrade the cartridges in a federated or High Availability (HA) environment

This section provides procedures for:

Upgrade cartridges in a federated environment

Cartridge upgrades in a Federated environment need to be handled differently than typical cartridge upgrades. To maintain the Federated topology, you must disconnect/reconnect the queries as part of the upgrade procedure.

You must also ensure that the required cartridges are being upgraded in a Federated environment. For example, you may determine the following:

In this example, after upgrading the two Federated Children, you need to upgrade the Foglight for Infrastructure, Foglight for Oracle, and Foglight for SQL Server on the Federation Master.

The procedure outlined below describes the required sequence of steps.

Upgrade cartridges in a High Availability environment

When upgrading cartridges in an HA environment, if both the primary and the secondary Management Servers are running, you only need to install each cartridge you want to upgrade on the primary Management Server. The cartridges are then copied over to the secondary Management Server automatically.

The management log reports on the copying of the cartridges.


Appendix: Deploying an agent package using the browser interface

This section explains how to deploy an agent package using the browser interface. This method is an alternative to using the command-line interface.

In Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, you can use the command-line interface to deploy an agent package for an upgraded cartridge, or you can use the browser interface.

Before you can deploy an agent package on a machine, you must first install the Agent Manager and the relevant agent package on that machine.

Use the Agent Managers dashboard to deploy one agent package at a time, or to deploy the agent package to multiple hosts. You can also deploy agent packages to a single host from the Agent Status page.

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