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Foglight 5.9.3 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Microsoft SQL Server Database

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Initializing the database

Initializing the database

For external databases, once the database has been successfully initialized, you can run Foglight.

Starting and stopping the Management Server

The following sections describe how to start and stop the Management Server:

Starting the Management Server

The following sections describe how to start the Management Server from the command line or from a Windows® shortcut and lists additional commands for use when starting or running the Management Server.

Navigate to the directory <foglight_home>\bin and run the following command:
Depending on where you installed the startup icon, choose Start > Programs > Quest > Foglight > Start Foglight or double-click the Start Foglight icon on the desktop.

When the Management Server starts successfully, the following message appears in the command window:



Starts the Management Server (this option is assumed if no command is specified).



Provides a unique name for this instance of the Management Server.



Sets an option to be passed directly to the Java® VM.

Can be used to set more than one VM option.



Displays the version number for this program and exits.



Shows this information, and additional options, then exits.

Running the Management Server as a Windows service

After the installation is completed, you can install the Management Server as a Windows® service either from the Start menu or the command line.

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