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Foglight 5.9.2 - Installing Foglight on a UNIX System with an Embedded PostgreSQL Database

Before Installing Foglight Installing Foglight
Preparing to install Installing a new version of the Management Server Installed directories Foglight settings Uninstalling Foglight Upgrading the Management Server
Running the Management Server Installing and Upgrading Cartridges Installing Agents Appendix: Switching from an Embedded to an External Database

Using the embedded database

Foglight offers the option to use PostgreSQL® (version 9.4.5) as an embedded database. The lifecycle of the embedded database matches that of the Management Server. If the Management Server is stopped or started, the embedded database is automatically stopped or started.

For instructions to migrate from using an embedded PostgreSQL® database with the Management Server to using an external PostgreSQL database, see Appendix: Switching from an Embedded to an External Database.


This section provides information about licensing for Foglight.

IMPORTANT: See the Administration and Configuration Guide for information about license requirements, managing licenses, and the different categories of cartridges (based on their license requirements).

You can install a license file during installation if you perform a Custom Install. See Step 12: Add Foglight license file in Installing a new version of the Management Server.

You can also import a license after installing Foglight. There are three ways of providing a license file to the Management Server after installation.

Move an existing license file into the <foglight_home>/license folder.
Ensure that JAVA_HOME is set.
If you have not already done so, extract the file in <foglight_home>/tools.
Upload a license by navigating to <foglight_home>/tools and entering the following command:
The preceding command assumes that you are using the default port 8080 and localhost. If you are not running with these default values, use the following options to indicate server and port:
NOTE: See the Command-Line Reference Guide for information about running the fglcmd utility and the options that can be used with fglcmd, including additional license-management commands.

Managing licenses

When you install Foglight for Storage Management, a 45-day trial license is activated.

When you install Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, Foglight for Storage Management is also installed along with a 45-day trial license. You must activate the Foglight for Storage Management trial license.

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition and Foglight for Storage Management are licensed separately. You can install a purchased license of Foglight for Storage Management at any time, either during the 45-day trial, or after the trial period has expired. When the trial license expires, the Foglight for Storage Management user interface is disabled. Your access to Foglight continues according to your Foglight license.

If you later purchase a license, the process for installing a Foglight for Storage Management license is the same as it for installing a Management Server license. For more information, see Importing a license file after installation.

Installation modes

The default mode for the installer is the graphical user interface mode. On UNIX® systems, in cases where a graphics display is not available, the Foglight installer can be started in command-line mode by using the console mode or silent mode.

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