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Foglight 5.9.1 - Command-Line Reference Guide

About the Command-Line Interface Managing the Foglight Management Server Managing the Foglight Agent Manager Managing Agents, Cartridges, and Metrics

Command-Line Reference Guide

Welcome to the Command-Line Reference Guide. This Command-Line Reference Guide provides information about the Foglight command-line interface. You can use Foglight commands to interface with different components of your monitoring environment instead of the browser interface.

This guide is intended for Foglight System Administrators who want to use the Foglight commands.

The Command-Line Reference Guide is organized as follows:

About the Command-Line Interface—Explains the command-line syntax, lists Foglight commands and introduces the command-line interface using a getting started approach. Read this chaptersection to get an overview of Foglight commands and how to get started.

Managing the Foglight Management Server—Describes the commands that allow you to perform server-related operations through the command-line interface and provides detailed instructions on how to get started with those commands. It provides reference information on server-related commands along with usage examples. Use the server-related commands to perform a variety of tasks such as starting or stopping the Foglight Management Server, upgrading the database, or managing encryption keys.

Managing the Foglight Agent Manager—Describes the commands that allow you to access the Foglight Agent Manager through the command-line interface along with instructions on how to configure your environment to obtain access to the commands that allow you to start or stop the Foglight Agent Manager, display version information, or manage JVM options. Use this chaptersection to find reference information on the commands for managing the Foglight Agent Manager along with usage examples.

Managing Agents, Cartridges, and Metrics—Provides information about the fglcmd interface that contains commands for managing common Foglight entities such as agents, cartridges and metrics. It also explains the fglcmd syntax and contains additional getting started instructions that show you how to configure your environment. Use this chapter to find reference information about the fglcmd commands and usage examples.

Command-Line Reference Guide
March 2017


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