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Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.3 - User Guide

Using Foglight for Infrastructure Monitoring log files with Foglight Log Monitor Monitoring IBM PowerVM environments
Before you begin Managing PowerVM HMC agents Monitoring your PowerVM environment
Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting Reference
Foglight for Infrastructure views Foglight Log Monitor views Rules Metrics
Appendix: Building regular expressions in Foglight


This view lists the categories for which questions can be answered by Foglight for Infrastructure.

Click a category in the list to select it.


This view lists the questions, for the category selected in the Categories, that can be answered by Foglight for Infrastructure. A set of default questions are included with Foglight for Infrastructure.

Click a question in the list to select it.

NOTE: To see all of your favorites, click Favorites in the Categories view.
Click Create Report .
The Create Report wizard appears.


This view provides an answer to the question selected in the Questions view. The answer appears on the right side of the dashboard, and it corresponds to the time interval specified in the Time Range (top right corner of the dashboard).

When no objects in your environment match the selected question and the selected time range, no data is displayed in the Answers table. Extend the time interval by selecting a different option from the Time Range, or select a different question.

To view detailed information about one of the monitored hosts, click the hosts’s name in the table. This allows you to drill down to the Infrastructure Environment > Host_Name dashboard.

Exploring the Administration tab

The Administration tab allows you to manage infrastructure agent instances, you can edit the default shareable and agent properties, configure agent properties that apply only to a specific agent instance. This tab also contains the link of infrastructure rules that you can manage them and create custom rule for specific topology object.

The Administration tab consists of the following two embedded views:

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