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Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.3 - User Guide

Using Foglight for Infrastructure Monitoring log files with Foglight Log Monitor Monitoring IBM PowerVM environments
Before you begin Managing PowerVM HMC agents Monitoring your PowerVM environment
Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting Reference
Foglight for Infrastructure views Foglight Log Monitor views Rules Metrics
Appendix: Building regular expressions in Foglight

Accessing the Infrastructure dashboard

The dashboard contains the following components:

Select a Service drop-down list: allows you to select the service that you want to monitor. For more information, see Selecting a service.
Reports button : allows you to run a report for the Infrastructure Environment dashboard. For more information, see Running a report for the Infrastructure Environment.
Add OS Monitor: provides access to the Add Monitored Host and Add Monitored Host - List wizards. For more information about these wizards, see Adding a monitored host and Adding multiple monitored hosts.
NOTE: If Foglight for SNMP is installed on your server, the SNMP Hosts button appears in the Add OS Monitor section. For more information about this functionality, see the Foglight for SNMP product documentation.
IMPORTANT: The Add OS Monitor section is hidden if the server is a federation server.
Monitoring tab: displays the domains associated with the selected service; allows you to monitor the objects associated with these domains. For more information, see Exploring the Monitoring tab.
FAQts tab (FAQ Question Viewer): displays a list of questions that helps you investigate performance problems with the objects defined in the selected service/domain. For more information, see Exploring the FAQ Question Viewer.
Administration tab: allows you to edit the agent properties for a selected agent or agents. For more information, see Exploring the Administration tab.

Selecting a service

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Infrastructure.

Running a report for the Infrastructure Environment

Reports are a convenient way to share data about your monitored environment with others in your organization.

In the Infrastructure Environment dashboard, click Reports on the upper-right corner.
On the list that appears, click Hosts. This is the report associated with the Infrastructure Environment dashboard.

Exploring the Monitoring tab

The Monitoring tab contains several tiles (at the top of the tab), which represent the domains associated with the selected service. When you click a tile, the Quick view (at the bottom of the tab) is refreshed to display the list of objects associated with the selected domain and a summary of the domain’s host status.

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