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Foglight for Active Directory 6.0.0 - User Guide

Navigation basics Exploring Foglight for Active Directory dashboards Managing Active Directory agents Reporting on your Active Directory enterprise Foglight for Active Directory views
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Address Book view Agent State view Asynchronous Thread Queue view Core Services view Database Access view Database Cache view Database Log Access view Database Performance Health view Defragmentation Tasks view DFS Namespace Service API Queue view DFS Namespace Service API Requests view DFS Namespace Service Referrals view DFS Replicated Folders view DFS Replication Connections view DFS Replication Service Volumes view DFS-R Performance Health view Directory Replication Inbound view Directory Replication Outbound view Directory Replication Sync view Directory Replication USN view Directory Services General view Directory Services Performance Health view Directory Services Reads view Directory Services Searches view Directory Services Writes view Domain Controller Details view Domain Controllers view FileReplicaConn Authentications/Bindings view FileReplicaConn Change Orders view FileReplicaConn Fetch view FileReplicaSet Authentications/Bindings view FileReplicaSet Change Orders view FileReplicaSet DS Communications view FileReplicaSet Files view FileReplicaSet Local Change Orders view FileReplicaSet Packets view FileReplicaSet Remote Change Orders view FRS Performance Health view FRS Replica Sets view FRS Staging Files view FSMO Roles view (Domain) FSMO Roles view (Forest) Host Monitor view Inter-Site Transports view Inventory By Category view IP Subnets view Key Distribution Center view LDAP view Memory view Network view Processor view Replication Performance Health view Resource Utilization view Security Accounts Manager view Server Health view Statistics view Storage view Summary and Resource Information view Top AD Metrics view Top 3 Consumers view Top 3 CPU Consumers view Top 3 DS Directory Reads/sec view Top 3 LDAP Bind Times view Top 3 Memory Consumers view Top 3 Network Consumers view Top 3 Replication Queue Length view Top 3 Storage Consumers view Trusts view USN Records view
Foglight for Active Directory rules Running diagnostic tests Managing Active Directory metrics


The lists displayed throughout Foglight for Active Directory allow you to define the sort criteria and order, hide columns, and filter content based on user-defined search criteria:

Sorting content

Some views in Foglight for Active Directory dashboards contain sortable lists. An example of a sortable list is the Domain Controllers view on the Active Directory Explorer dashboard.

An arrow in the column heading identifies the sort criteria and order, ascending or descending, being used to display information.

Hiding columns

Foglight for Active Directory lists display a default set of columns; however, you can customize the content of the lists by hiding columns.

Select Apply to display the list displaying only the columns that are currently selected in the Show Columns dialog.

Filtering content

Many of the lists displayed in Foglight for Active Directory dashboards and views allow you to filter the information displayed using the search controls at the top of the list. You can either conduct a search on all of the columns in the list or specify the columns to be searched.

The Order by field contains the column heading currently selected as the sort criteria. To change the sort criteria, click in the Order by field and select the column heading to be used. Use the arrow control to define the sort order: ascending or descending.
To define the search criteria, select the Match the following rule check box and specify the following information:
The Case Insensitive check box is selected by default and will find matches regardless of case. For a case-sensitive search, clear this check box.
Once you have entered your search criteria, select Search to close the dialog and conduct the search.
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