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Foglight Evolve 9.2 - Upgrade Guide

Upgrading Foglight Evolve

The Foglight Evolve components (Management Server, Embedded Agent Manager, Cartridges) are all upgraded automatically by the Foglight Evolve installer.

Select Upgrade and click Next.
The upgrade process continues in a similar fashion to the installation. For step-by-step assistance, refer to the appropriate Foglight Installation and Setup Guide for the database and platform you are running.

Upgrading Foglight Evolve License

After upgrading Foglight Evolve from Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, the license must be updated. To update the product license, do the folowing:

Install the Foglight Evolve Core License. Refer to Install licenses in Foglight Administration and Configuration Guide for detailed information.

Upgrading the Agent Manager

When upgrading external Agent Manager, if the new Agent Manager uses a higher version JRE than the old Agent Manager, the JRE TrustStore (caserts) in the old Agent Manager will be replaced by the new TrustStore from the higher version JRE. This will cause all the custom certificates imported to the old JRE TrustStore by customers get lost after the Agent Manager upgrade.

If yes, copy the file <fglam_home>/jre/<current_jre_version>/jre/lib/security/cacerts to a local directory before upgrading Agent Manager.

As for the embedded Agent Manager, it uses the same JRE as the Management Server. If there are custom JRE certificates stored in JRE TrustStore and a higher JRE version is used, back up the JRE cacert TrustStore used by the Management Server before upgrading Management Server.

Below is a list of JRE versions used by Agent Manager on various platforms in this release.

The embedded Agent Manager is updated as part of the upgrade process. Any additional, external Agent Managers may need to be updated.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Managers.
If the Version of any agent host listed is not 5.9.7, continue following this procedure to upgrade the Agent Manager.
To upgrade, select the agent host from the list and click Upgrade. The process may take a few minutes and the agent host may disappear from the list temporarily while it is restarting.

Upgrading Foglight Evolve agents

After upgrading Foglight Evolve, the database, and cartridges, the agents used by some of the cartridges must be updated to ensure proper data collection. Specifically, this section describes the procedures for upgrading monitoring agents.

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