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Foglight Evolve 7.1.0 - Performance Tuning Field Guide

Overview Hardware and Operating System Tuning Management Server Tuning Java Virtual Machine Tuning Backend Database Tuning High Availability (HA) Tuning Agent Tuning Store and Forward Processing Appendix: Performance Health Check Appendix: Analyzing a Support Bundle

Topology Limits

Foglight® restricts the number of instances of an object of any type to 10000. When this limit is reached, the event is logged and should be investigated. Either it is an exceptional situation or the limit has to be raised (per type, using the foglight.limit.instances registry variable).

Diagnostic Snapshot

The diagnostic snapshot is a text file contained in the Foglight® Management Server support bundle. It contains information that is very useful for diagnosing Management Server performance issues. Due to the fact that there is often a lot information in the snapshot, the information can be difficult to interpret.

The following is intended to serve as a map for extracting useful information from the snapshot. It is not meant to cover all aspects of the snapshot, just the more typical ones.

Memory Consumption

The memory consumption section shows the available and used memory:

Threads, Deadlocks, and Overall CPU Usage

A thread dump shows the current thread activity followed by thread utilization. It also provides markers to show deadlocked threads.

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