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Foglight Evolve 6.3.0 - User Guide


Foglight domains are components grouped together by a common technology. This can be a database type (such as DB2) or a general category (such as Infrastructure). Each domain has a default set of rules appropriate for the underlying technologies of that domain. For more information, refer to Monitoring Your Domains.


Targets are infrastructure objects assigned to a template for monitoring. Targets can be assigned to only one template. Targets not assigned to a template are monitored by the default alarm rules in the factory template.

Default Templates

Foglight includes a factory template, which is used as the default template unless a different default is configured. You are able to select a default template for each domain, which will be applied to objects in that domain without the need to add them as targets to the template.

Using the Alarm Templates Dashboard

Access the Alarm Templates dashboard from the navigation panel: Alarm Templates

The Alarm Templates dashboard displays the default factory template and any duplicated or created templates. For each template, you can view the configured targets, selected domains, and available alarms for that domain. The Alarm Templates dashboard contains the following elements:

Templates menu: displays the factory template and any templates created or duplicated. Also contains the elements below.
Template Search: Allows you to find templates with names containing the entered search string.
Create Template: Use this option to create a fresh template rather than duplicating an existing template.
Set Defaults: Allows you to set the default template for each domain.
Domains tabs: Foglight groups monitored components into domains based on common technology. Each domain requires a different set of alarms and rules. Click the tab to view the alarms and values for the selected domain.
Alarms table: the alarms table displays information about the alarms in the selected domain, as well as the status of the alarm (on or off) and the threshold values for triggering the alarm.
Alarm Search: Allows you to find alarms with names containing the entered search string.
Targets table: displays targets to which the selected template is applied. Targets are domain specific.
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