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Foglight Automation - User and Reference Guide

Configuring Binding

After you have selected a workflow to remediate an alarm, you can configure binding by assigning the properties of the alarm that you remediate to the parameters of the workflow that runs when the alarm is fired.

For example, an alarm fires when a virtual machine is running out of memory. Using binding, you can transfer the virtual machine as a whole, one of its properties (for example, the memory size), the property of the alarm (for example, the time stamp), or a static value.

Click the Mapping field.
Optional—Select the Preview Parameters Before Remediation check box if you want to be prompted to confirm or update the remediation binding each time before the workflow runs.

Adding Workflows to Favorites

You can add the workflows that you use frequently for remediation to the favorites list.

Deleting Workflows From a Rule


Deleting Rules From Remediation Mapping



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