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Foglight Automation - User and Reference Guide

Executing Workflows

In order to execute the business logic of a workflow, you must:

The Run Work low Wizard - Step 1 opens and guides you through the operations required to run a workflow.

Duplicating Workflows

If you need to create a workflow similar to an existing workflow, you can duplicate (clone) the existing workflow instead of creating an entirely new one. Then you can modify the new workflow according to your needs.

In the Duplicate Workflow Options dialog box, specify the name for the duplicated workflow.

Exporting and Importing Workflows

You can save a copy of a workflow by exporting it. You can then reuse the workflow by importing it. Workflows are saved as XML files.

Click Export on the toolbar.
Click Apply. The selected workflow is installed.

Saving Workflows

Figure 13. The Save Workflow dialog box opens.
In the Workflow Name box, type a name for your workflow.
From the Primary parameter list, select a primary resource for your workflow. The primary resource is the one to which you will be able to assign two or more resources.
Optional: Add a brief description of the current workflow in the Description box.
Alternatively, click Save and Close to save the current workflow and close the Workflow Studio, or click Cancel to close the Save Workflow dialog box without saving the current workflow.
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