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Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.1 - Foglight Agent Manager Guide

Configuring the embedded Agent Manager Installing external Agent Managers
Understanding how the Agent Manager communicates with the Management Server Deploying the Agent Manager cartridge Downloading the Agent Manager installer Installing the Agent Manager Starting or stopping the Agent Manager process Frequently asked questions
Configuring the Agent Manager Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting
Configuring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM) UNIX- and Linux-specific configuration
Monitoring the Agent Manager performance Deploying the Agent Manager to large-scale environments

When I try to install the Agent Manager using the installer interface on Solaris x86 VMware, it fails and a warning message related to fonts appears. Why does this occur?

There is a known issue with the Agent Manager installer interface failing when it runs on Oracle Solaris® x86 VMware. If you see an error containing the following message and your installation fails, this is not a Quest Software Inc. error but a known issue with Solaris x86 and VMware tools:

Warning: Cannot convert string "-monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-140-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1" to type FontStruct
Warning: Unable to load any usable ISO8859-1 font

The workaround is to use the command-line installer when installing the Agent Manager on Solaris x86 VMware. For more information, see Installing the Agent Manager from the command line .

For example: ./fglam-<version>-solaris-x86_64.bin LAX_VM /home/jdk1.6.0_07/jre/bin/java

Why does an AIX compatibility warning appear when I run the Agent Manager installer?

If you are running an AIX® operating system with IPv6 support enabled and the Agent Manager installer detects problems resolving IP addresses and host names, an AIX compatibility warning appears.

This warning provides information about an alternate command-line option for running the installer and a URL that you can consult for more information.

The alternate command-line option is:

This option causes IPv6 to be disabled for the Agent Manager and rewrites the Agent Manager’s <fglam_home>/state/default/config/client.config file to disable IPv6 when the Agent Manager is launched. Using this option allows you to run the Agent Manager, but without IPv6 support.

If you want to run the Agent Manager with IPv6 support, or if you want to correct the underlying problem resolving IP addresses and host names, follow the additional steps listed in the IBM® URL that is provided for more information:


Configuring the Agent Manager

This contains information about configuring the Agent Manager after the installation.

Operating system patches

As noted in the System Requirements and Platform Support Guide, Foglight requires that the operating systems on which it runs have all vendor-recommended patches applied for running the Oracle® JavaTM Virtual Machine. On machines without full OS patches applied, the following failure mode is observed:

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