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Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.1 - Foglight Agent Manager Guide

Configuring the embedded Agent Manager Installing external Agent Managers
Understanding how the Agent Manager communicates with the Management Server Deploying the Agent Manager cartridge Downloading the Agent Manager installer Installing the Agent Manager Starting or stopping the Agent Manager process Frequently asked questions
Configuring the Agent Manager Advanced system configuration and troubleshooting
Configuring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM) UNIX- and Linux-specific configuration
Monitoring the Agent Manager performance Deploying the Agent Manager to large-scale environments

Using the HP patch checking tool

If your database is installed on an HP-UX server, HP® provides a tool for ensuring that all the patches required to run JavaTM on HP-UX are installed.

The tool is available from

To use the tool, issue the following command:

About Agent Manager installations on AIX

On newly installed AIX® systems, the base operating system can be further customized by the install_assist program provided by IBM®. By default, this program is listed in the /etc/inittab file so that it starts automatically when the system is started.

When install_assist runs automatically, it can interfere with the Agent Manager startup scripts that are installed in /etc/rc.d/rc2.d, and with other startup scripts, such as those provided by OpenSSH.

To prevent install_assist from starting automatically:
Edit the /etc/inittab file.

# rmitab install_assist

Preventing Agent Manager core dumps on Linux

Installing and running the Agent Manager on a Linux® machine with several interfaces can result in a core dump with the following console output:

This error is related to a known JavaTM 6 issue, JDK-7078386. This issue is resolved in Java 7. For more information about JDK-7078386, you can visit

In this directory, locate and open the vm.config file for editing.
In the vm.config file, search for the java.vm property, and edit its value to point to the new JDK 7 installation.
Save your changes to the vm.config file, and close it.


Monitoring the Agent Manager performance

Foglight uses the Agent Manager to communicate with monitored hosts. The embedded Agent Manager can be used to monitor the host on which the Management Server is installed. Your monitoring environment typically includes a number of Agent Manager instances installed on different hosts.

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