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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Release Notes

Quest® Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2

Quest® Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2

About Quest Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2

Enterprise Reporter provides a unified solution for data discovery and report generation. Using Enterprise Reporter’s Configuration Manager, administrators can easily configure and deploy discovery jobs to collect and store data. Once the data has been collected, the Report Manager allows users to produce reports that help organizations ensure they comply with industry regulations and standards, internal security policies, monitor hardware and software requirements and many other reporting requirements.

Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality. See New features and Resolved issues.

New features


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2.

Ability to skip the login page (Configuration and Report Manager)



Confirm functionality for multiple DC specifications



Ability to move nodes between clusters



SQL Collector: Allow the users to change the database connection timeout value



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