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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1 - Quick Start Guide

Introducing Quest® Enterprise Reporter Key Features of Enterprise Reporter System Requirements An Overview of Enterprise Reporter Communications and Credentials Required Installing Enterprise Reporter Step-By-Step Walkthroughs

Run the Discovery to Collect the Data

You can schedule discoveries or run them on demand. In this case, we want to collect this data right away. Each discovery is broken down into tasks that are assigned to the node for processing. If you have more than one node, Enterprise Reporter uses load balancing to ensure the most efficient processing. You can track the progress of your discovery.

To see task progress, click the Processing link in the Status column.

Run the Reports

Once data is collected, you can run reports against it. When you run a report, it returns data based on the most recent data collected by the discoveries, the selected fields, and any parameter values you enter. Some reports may have required parameters. In this case, the Azure and Office 365 reports require the tenant name to be entered.

To produce the requested information, you must run three reports that are included in Enterprise Reporter.

Open the Report Manager by selecting Start | Quest | Report Manager.
In the Include the following tenants parameter, type the tenant name and click Add.
In the Include the following tenants parameter, click Search, locate and add the tenant, and click OK.
Click Run Report.

Repeat this process for the other reports.

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